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Health Initiatives

Caribbean Community in Philadelphia hosts Mammography Screenings, Health Fairs and works with leading health organizations and city agencies to address health inequities and disparities within our community.



Caribbean Cancer Strong (CCS)

Established in 2014, Caribbean Cancer Strong (CCS) became a Support Group providing hope and healing through non-medical care, case management, and grief support for family and friends directly and indirectly impacted by cancer. 

Our community partner and board member, Dr. Camille Ragin, Principal Investigator (AC3) and Professor at Fox Chase Cancer Center/Temple University leads our health initiative. We at CCS collaborate with AC3 in providing cancer healthcare professionals.  Our work extends beyond personal services, we work with African Caribbean Cancer Consortium, offering free monthly virtual and in-person community engagements on various cancers affecting our minority black and brown community.


Grief and Trauma | Wellness Support | Black Resiliency

Caribbean Community in Philadelphia continues to engage on racial issues affecting our black and marginalized communities during this era of Black Lives Matter. We have co-sponsored and hosted Healing 4 Black Advocates supporting Philly For R.E.A.L. Justice.

Creating a safe sacred space for self-care, self-healing in the Black Community, Retooling, Rest and Rejuvenation for frontline, sideline and backline soldiers in the real struggle for Black Lives Matter. We have co-sponsored and provided Black Wellness and Resiliency Zones in Philly and in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

CCP continues to work with our VP of Operation and Resident Therapist, Lamya Broussard, Founder and Director, C.O.M.E. Coming Out More Equipped Consulting Services to provide services for our community.  We have been a strong supporter for BLM and Caribbean St. Lucian born, Bothem Shem Jean with a candlelight vigil.  We continue to provide support for know your rights (immigrants, stopped by the police) and provide pro bono Grief and Trauma Support Services for immigrants (group and individual therapy) and for International students.


HIV test kits are available at Newlands Health

(6449 Rising Sun Ave)


Sexual Health

We aim to destigmatize topics on sexual health in the community. We believe protected and safe sex should be made accessible to all regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or ethnicity. Partnerships with the Department of Public Health and Philly Keep on Loving make this possible. Free HIV test kits are available at Newlands Health on Rising Sun and free condoms are made available at public events. Please contact us for any resources. 



We engage in the Census Population Count and COVID-19 Vaccination Response and Prevention. Additionally, we work to distribute free COVID test kits and resources. Please contact us for any inquiries about these test kits. We are also investigating the ways in which "long covid" is affecting our community. The long-term effects of COVID are still being studied but is believed to affect foggy memories, asthma, and lung disease. 

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Drug Addiction

We distribute resources to reduce harm and promote safety for people with drug addictions. Narcan (left picture) is used to treat opioid overdoses and we can provide bystander training on how to do so. Additionally, we provide Fentanyl test strips. We collaborate with the Department of Public Health on these initiatives 

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