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1. Promoting Caribbean Films (5 years of Caribbean Films in various places around Philly)

2. Healing 4 Black Advocates supports Philly For R.E.A.L. Justice. Creating a safe sacred space for self-care, self-healing in the Black Community.

Retooling, Rest and Rejunevation for frontline, sideline and backline soldiers in the real struggle for Black Lives Matter.

3. CCP has been a strong supporter for BLM and Caribbean St. Lucian born, Bothem Shem Jean with a candlelight vigil.  We continue to provide support for know your rights (immigrants, stopped by the police).

4. Grief and Truama Support Services for immigrants and Caribbean International students.

During the month of June Caribbean Film Screening features the Caribbean on screen from revolutionary to indigenous and cultural films.

Quarantine Queens Film Screening.jpg
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